Baby Thiago Turns ONE!

It's such a cliche saying but it's so very true. Babies don't keep.  You hope and pray  and plan for these precious little souls.  They come into your life and you're tired, full of worry, anxious, full of love, exhausted and...blissful.  Babies are chaotic bliss. And in the blink of an eye, they are one. 

This sweet love  belongs my son's football coach and his gorgeous fiance.  What an honor...they picked ME to document their pregnancy with Thiago and now his first birthday.  It is such and honor to be trusted to document this special time in their lives.  This sweet baby is the most special boy of fall.  He is the baby bear to our football team.  The boys love him.  He is very much a part of the team.  I am so thankful to be chosen to document his life. I can't wait until I get to photograph him playing football. ;). Happy birthday baby are so very loved by all.